Crux Fidelis chant-mixed voices
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    I'm trying to get music ready for Holy Week (TLM) and was wondering: what would be a good way to include both the men and women's scholas in chanting the Crux Fidelis/Pange Lingua? In previous years we've only had a men's schola. My first thought was to have the full group sing "Crux Fidelis" the first time through, then men would sing "Pange Lingua" with the full group (men and women) singing the "Crux fidelis" response, then women would sing "De parentis" with the full group singing the "Dulce lignum" response, etc., and then concluding with everyone on "Sempiterna". Does anyone have experience with this? Other ideas?
  • I typically do one of two things...
    * either divide the men and women by name so that there are two essentially equal but different groups of men and women as choir 1 / choir 2 (for example, all members whose first name starts with A-I in choir 1; J-Z in choir 2);
    * or use men as choir 1, women as choir 2.

    For Crux, I have both choirs together on the Crux and Dulce (and repeats); choir 1 takes odd verses; choir 2 takes even verses with repeats as indicated; jump to verse 10 if not all verses needed with both choirs repeating the Dulce at the end.

    There are advantages and disadvantages to either method of splitting choir 1 and 2.
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