Spanish Psalmody with Gospel Acclamation in modal chant
  • This is probably a big mistake, but I will ask anyway.

    I would like to know if anyone who is in charge of Spanish Masses would consider using settings of the responsorial psalms in modal chant. Each psalm uses the traditional 8 psalm tones plus the tonus peregrinus on occasion, and is accompanied with a gospel acclamation from the antiphonale, with verse set, again, to a psalm tone. I am planning on setting the entire psalter, and I would appreciate feedback on this project.

    I would be happy to share a bit of my background if that would help.

    I send out the psalms at the very latest on the Monday before they are used. I am trying to get ahead of things and send them out seasonally, and I will likely get to this point close to the end of the Easter season.
  • I'll be following. Not sure if my folks are at the level of using them yet (currently they sing all responsorial psalms to Meinrad tone 8), but it would be a great resource to have!
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