Ubi Caritas with Verses in Spanish
  • Hi all, we have a bilingual parish, and our priest has requested that we do certain things in English and others in Spanish for Holy Week. I looked in our Spanish Missal, and there is a translation of the ubi caritas chant, however as best I can tell trying to sing through it, it is a literal translation rather than poetic fit to the chant melody. I cannot for the life of me find a version with the verses in Spanish set to the melody. Does anyone have one or know of one for me to reference? I'll be creating a new edition to match the engraving for our worship aid, but as I'm not a Spanish speaker, I don't want to try and cobble something together as I'm sure there has to be a version already extant.
  • James, GIA's resource Oremos Cantando has a version at #585 - is that the one you've already looked at?
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  • No; unfortunately this is not a resource we have. I can't imagine that there's not a PDF of a public-domain version (from an old hymnal or daily hand missal somewhere).
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    Do you have a reprint license? If you do, it would be worth it for you to buy a single choir edition of the Oramos Cantando hymnal + the accompaniment books so you could use what you like from in there without buying all the hymnals for everyone. It's not a perfect book, but it's pretty good for what it is. I use it in a supplementary fashion.
  • I do not have a reprint license. I collate all the music we do from our current stock, or public domain sources. I make my own editions of public domain works for our choir. I also pull from Saint James Music Press and EnglishMotets.com. I do not have one license account or any other similar thing.
  • (Frankly, it is rare that we have worship aids.)
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    In any event, good luck finding a PD Spanish Ubi Caritas translation. I'm sure they're out there, but I wouldn't know where to find one. Someone from the Zipoli Institute might know?
  • I have reached out to the Zipoli institute to see if they can help. I have never heard of them before and I'm thrilled to know of them as a resource. It looks like they are a Hispanic-friendly version of CCW. Thanks very much!
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    I just have obtained the authorization to chant the gregorian Ubi caritas for Maundy Thursday (during the washing of the feet). It will be the first time in years since the congregation will hear any gregorian chant, and any latin besides Mass ordinaries (commonly sung in latin, modern-music versions).

    I will provide a vernacular translation, but if someone here has some good advice, I would be eager to have it.

    I so much want people to love it, and ask for more chant !

    I didn't think they would say yes when I asked, and now I'm so scared. I fear that the congregation might get bored with so much latin, such a different music, etc. Father didn't seem too happy about it, too, so a failure might have dreadful consequences.

    I will probably have to sing it alone, so I'm also scared to make it boring since it's supposed to be verses answering to one another. I'll try to get some of the other cantors in my little ship, but I'm not sure I'll succeed.
  • Idek, don't be scared, just relax and give it your best reasonable effort. Man proposes, God disposes is the old saying. There is no need to put all the pressure on yourself in the sense of whether it "succeeds" or "fails", of whether this leads to wider acceptance of chant or not. If you wind up singing it alone, it may be helpful to make it (during the moment you are singing) a prayer between you and God only - any other considerations will simply be a distraction. Leave the rest of it to God's grace.

    Although it may seem like this is not the performance advice you solicited, you may find it to be more helpful than you might otherwise imagine.
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    Idek - courage. Practice gives confidence, can you get somebody with a worthwhile opinion to comment on a practice in situ?
    And do notice that the text has been officially revised (restored) and now starts "Ubi caritas est vera ...".
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    Thank you very much for your advice. I'll work for it, try to have the opinion of the organist, and then, Deus providebit.
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  • Brad, as I've STILL had no luck whatsoever, I've ordered a copy of the book you mentioned to take a look. This just blows my mind. It is so "UBIquitous" (sorry for the bad pun) I thought it would be readily available.
  • It's a shame too, because I'd really like to do it as it is specifically requested in the missal...
  • I hear ya...
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    I'm surprised that it is not on the USCCB site. http://www.usccb.org/prayer-and-worship/la-santa-misa/musica-para-el-misal-romano.cfm

    It does say that other songs coming soon (Otros cantos (a completar — coming soon) at the bottom. However I can't find Ubi Caritas in the actual Misal Romano either.

    There is a version of Ubi Caritas in Oramos Cantando at #585.
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    This translation fits the chant melody, as heard here. I don't know Spanish well enough to comment on the quality of the translation.

    Donde hay caridad verdadera, allí Dios está.
    El amor de Jesucristo nos congrega.
    Alegrémonos unidos y cantemos.
    Que temamos y que amemos al Dios vivo.
    Y de corazón sincero nos amemos.
    Cuando estamos reunidos como hermanos,
    Nunca estemos en el alma separados.
    Cesen luego las discordias y los pleitos
    Y que en medio de nosotros reine Cristo.
    Todos juntos con los santos alcancemos
    Contemplar tu faz gloriosa en el cielo.
    Gozo infinito y perfecto, gozo pleno,
    Por los siglos de los siglos para siempre. Amén.
  • It's so funny you should post that video; I just discovered it this morning myself. Interestingly, the verses seem to mostly match the Oramos Cantando version, however the refrain is completely different.
  • Regarding the USCCB, I referenced that page last week. It's quite pathetic, really, as I've found typos in their official setting of the Gloria. Makes me wonder how many other typos there are. Pretty sad for a page promulgating the "official" new versions. They were obvious to me and I don't even speak Spanish (although I know French and basic ecclesial Latin).
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    however the refrain is completely different
    Fr Krisman has, I think, used the obsolete/superceded version of the Latin. The text has officially been revised?corrected?restored? to read "Ubi caritas est vera Deus ibi est", the translation quoted above reflects this. 'est vera' appears both in Solesmes GR, and in the Vatican GS, no doubt it will take a long time to eliminate 'et amor' from circulation.