Director of Sacred Music - (PT) Old St. Patrick Parish near Ann Arbor, MI
  • We are a small but faith-filled parish near Ann Arbor catering to homeschoolers and tradition minded parishioners. We are seeking a Director of Sacred Music to begin in Spring/Summer of 2019, the position is part-time. Organ skills are absolutely necessary, vocal ability is an additional plus. Must be familiar and have a love for traditional Catholic sacred music including: Gregorian Chant, Sacred Polyphony, as well as the great classical hymns and settings for Catholic Mass. The Director of Sacred Music is required to accompany 4pm Saturday, 8am and 10:30am Sunday Masses, and the once a month EF Tridentine Latin Mass on Second Sundays at 12:30pm. The director will hold a weekly choir reharsal - we have an established choir willing to learn new chant, choral pieces! The Director will attend once a month Worship Committee meetings, and provide or arrange a sub for weddings/funeral Music. Should you have relocating concerns we may be able to help in finding affordable accommodations. The Ann Arbor area provides many opportunities for extra employment if one was interested in extra work on the side. If interested please email the pastor directly at:
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