Hymns To Mary - Publication Notice
  • Please forgive the blatant commercial nature of this posting.

    I have been pursuing what I hope will be a unique project that will serve churches. As such I had to dig into and better understand aspects of the music publishing business and for that reason have created a couple of hymnals that serve what I see as just a very small part of what is needed by today's Catholic Church. These hymnals are part of the larger project which will be announced shortly.

    But, at the present time I'd like to let you know that now we have three books for you to consider:

    Eucharistic Hymns

    Hymns To Mary - what you may find of special value is what we call the Alberti Bass Marian Hymns: Bring Flowers of the Fairest, Mother Dearest, Mother, Dear, O Pray For Me....in their original forms, but also each in newly written SATB hymn versions.

    The Anthology: Eucharistic Hymns, Hymns To Mary and Benediction Hymns
    This contains everything in the first two books with the addition of well-known and unknown Benediction hymn tunes.

    They may be purchased directly from our site:


    or from Aquinas and More, Adoremus Books, Amazoncom. Please patronize your favorite bookstore whenever possible. Any store can order these books by the ISBN numbers.

    I can tell you that you will find hymns here that you have never heard before....and you will find some of great beauty.

  • Discount of 15% on purchases of more than one book now in effect in advance of the May Crowning Day rush....