a new carol of mine: The Virgin Mother, Morning Star
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    Hello all, I'm new here. I thought I might post my first attempt at a Christmas carol (with text co-written with a friend). I wrote it around Christmas 2017. Now that it's been sitting on my shelf for over a year, I want to consider revising the words as it's close to my first try at writing text, and I think there might be room for improvement on verses 1 through 3. The musical arrangement also needs a little fixing of some awkward spots and perhaps needs to be in 6/8, not 3/4. Included are two PDF versions in E flat. The recording I made with an iphone for an ensemble sight-reading it - the tune gets a tiny bit overpowered, but it still worked out all right. Any feedback welcome. -Michael


    The Virgin Mother, Morning Star
    Rejoiced to see her babe
    The One she bore for many months
    In silence there He lay

    His face was sweet, His face was fair,
    Reflection of her own
    She never saw her own sweet face
    Until she saw her Son

    Sweet Jesus, may our faces be
    A mirror of Your own
    You the sun, and we the moon
    A light to break the gloom

    If you would seek the Father’s face
    Then look unto the Son
    Adore the Holy Child this night
    With Father and Spirit, one.
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