I'm finally playing for Mass again at Easter.
  • Nobody at my church plays the organ, and the priest has been begging me for a long time to play for Mass again, but I wasn't able to fulfill that commitment until now. So I start Easter Saturday Vigil! I've been practicing a Vierne Mass, and I'm going to start training the singer in Latin and Gregorian chant. I have plans to turn the Saturday 5:00 pm Mass into a very traditional service, with classical organ music, sacred Latin singing, and Gregorian chanting. I recently learned how to read plainsong neume notation (it was super easy, I recommend every church musician learn it), and printed out some of Liber Usualis to accompany on the organ. My plans are to slowly introduce more and more sacred music, and for "Traditional Music Mass" or "Sacred Music Mass" to be printed on the bulletin and on the website to attract more young people to the parish, as I've found young people like me are increasingly attracted to tradition in a world that is losing it, especially with the music in church.

    And the best part is, the priest is completely on board with it! He loves the idea of incorporating more sacred music, and is basically giving me full control of the music at the Saturday Mass. He's really excited and a musician himself. Wish me luck on Easter guys!
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    Prayers for a splendid Eastertide.
  • Deo gratias!

    This is wonderful!
    What about the music at the other masses, Sundays and so forth.
    Can you influence these, too?

    You say that you are young.
    Does this mean High School? College? Graduate? or other Young?
  • I don't think I can influence Sunday Masses, because there is the choir director and music director (who doesn't even play an instrument) to deal with. I'd rather leave English hymns for the people that like that on Sunday. I'm in college.
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    So I start Easter Saturday Vigil!

    As in anticipated Mass of Easter-2 (aka Quasi Modo) (aka Low Sunday) ?
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    I am intrigued, however, that you are turning the Saturday Mass into the conservative/traditional Mass... at my current parish (or previous two) I'd have been skinned alive for trying that with the grey hairs... In my experience that crowd falls into one of a few categories: 1.) 'traditional' boomer (Haas from womb to tomb!) 2.) quiet down! 3.) "none of that fancy stuff. we just want to sing what we know." or some combination of the three. At both my current and previous parishes, all the people who are interested in all things traditional attend the 10:30am Sunday "high" Mass.
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