Looking for Resource: Canticles Between Readings of the Easter Vigil
  • Dear Friends:

    Does anyone know of any resources for English chant settings of the Canticles after the readings for the Easter Vigil?

    I have found two settings:
    1) Lalemont Propers by Jeff Ostrowski (http://www.ccwatershed.org/lalemant/) - Pages 100-114
    2) Plainchant Gradual by G. H. Palmer & Francis Burgess (https://media.musicasacra.com/books/plainchant_gradual_1-2.pdf) - Pages 148-152, 155-156, 160-161

    We've used the extremely simple ones from the Lalemont Propers for the past three Easter Vigils.
    I like the ones in the Plainchant Gradual, as they follow the melodies from the Graduale Romanum, but they are incomplete. The canticles "Make a Joyful Noise" and "Those who trust in the Lord" are missing.

    I'm just curious if there are more settings of these texts out there.

    I am not looking for Responsorial Psalms.

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  • All of them are in By Flowing Waters, Collegeville, MN: The Liturgical Press, 1999.