Easter Day prelude ...two good violinists and an organist
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    Due to lack of approved budget, I could not negotiate instrumentalists for Easter Day principle service until last week. Fortunately, I have secured a good trumpet player to accompany hymns and some anthems or motets. I have also contracted two symphony level violinists who will be perfect for anthems and hymns. There will be a thirty minite prelude before Mass. Looking for a couple of straightforward organ concertos such as by Handel or CPE Bach. There wil be little time for rehearsal with violinists due to geographics. In other words, quick and easily rehearsre music for keyboard and two violins. Ideas and score suggestions most appreciated. PS I am not using trumpet during prelude. The prelude will conclude with a French romantic organ toccata by Boelleman (Suite Gothique) or Widor (Symphony V).
  • JS Bach double violin concerto.
    Corelli any of the sonatas di chiesa
    Buxtehude trio sonatas
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    Mozart church sonatas.
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    I appreciate this. I have these players in my choir and never know when to use them.
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