Missa simplex?
  • henrik.hank
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    Has anyone heard of the term Missa Simplex?
    It is found in the Swedish Catholic hymnal.
    It includes Kyrie XVI (or Kyrie Requiem XVIII B), Gloria XV, Sanctus XVIII and Agnus Dei XVIII
    I guess it is Latin for Simple Mass but correct me if my Latin is wrong.
  • a_f_hawkins
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    It does indeed mean Simple Mass. At the request of Pope Paul vi, in 1974 every bishop received a gift of
    a booklet entitled, "Jubilate Deo", which contains a minimum selection of sacred chants.

    http://www.swoycc.org/forms/jubilate.pdf But the original is rather more elegant! It had Gloria VIII rather than XV.
    As far as I know the term Missa Simplex has not been used officially; there is an official Graduale Simplex, and a Kyriale Simplex which is part of it, but was also published separately.
  • SalieriSalieri
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    IIRC, this particular set of Mass parts (K. XVI, Gl. XV, S. & A. XVII) is the first Mass in the Kyriale Simplex.
  • chonakchonak
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    These melodies were also printed in the English version of the Roman Missal (Third Edition), together with the English texts for those portions of the Mass ordinary.
  • toddevoss
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    And don't be confuse it with the modern mass setting composed by O'Connor/Proulx . Actually that is a very elegant modern setting.
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  • PolskaPiano
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    I love the O'Connor/Proulx setting. Don't meant to muddy the waters but I had to add that.