Missa Simplex Primi Toni, for OF Mass
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    I have been thinking a great deal about how to deal with composing a Mass Setting that fits, as legalistically as possible, within the parameters of the Novus Ordo: That the entire Ordinary is not given to the choir alone, that the Kyrie is only six-fold, that the Sanctus is sung by all together as a unit before the Canon, and, above all, that it be brief.

    I have composed the attached setting, trying to fit within these strict parameter, and still have something that respects the polyphonic tradition (a treasure of inestimable value--Pius X/Vatican II), while at the same time letting go of many things which do not work with the OF Mass (c.f. Paul VI).

    The attached setting is scored for SATB choir, unaccompanied (though colla parte instruments may be used, including organ), and Congregation. It is a Mass in the First Mode, and incorporates the Missa Regia Primi Toni of Henri du Mont.

    The Kyrie is for Choir alone; with each invocation doubled without any textual repetitions, save a sole 'eleison' tag at the final cadence in S & A.

    The Gloria is an alternatim setting, between the choir, which sings in Falsobordone, and the people (du Mont's Mass). The goal here was to set the longest text with the simplest music. (NB: the notation used for the Falsobordone is conventional, and should be sung according to the rhythm of the text--however, the sound file presents it as if it were standard metered music.)

    The Sanctus is not included (in the score or sound file), but a note is made in the score for the Sanctus of the Messe Royale to be sung.

    The Agnus Dei sets the first invocation to Polyphony, the second to the Pleinchant (with the people), and the final invocation for the choir in Polyphony.

    The entire duration of this setting to be under 10 minutes.
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    How does this compare to the attached Messe Royale (excl. Credo), with parts alternating between plainchant and SATB, arranged by Hervé Lecomte ("Edition may be freely distribu[t]ed, duplicated & performed"), that I downloaded from the website of the Schola Sainte Cécile, if I recall correctly?
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    M. Lecomte's setting is an SATB harmonization of the Messe Royale. Also it is in direct alternatim throughout, including the Sanctus.

    The polyphony in my Missa Simplex, while in Mode 1, is completely independent from du Mont's Pleinchant; in fact the du Mont insertions can be seen merely as placeholders. For example, I did not provide a setting of the Sanctus (which, according to the GIRM, is to be sung by all together as a unit before the Canon commences), though I suggested the use of du Mont's Mass, it is not required to use that setting, or even a setting in Mode 1; nor is it required to use the Messe Royale for the chant in the alternatim movements (Gloria & Agnus), though whatever setting is used should be in Mode 1. The Kyrie is entirely choraliter, without any plainchant intervention.

    Attached is a version that uses the Gloria & Agnus Dei of Kyriale Mass XIII (Stelliferi Conditor orbis) for the alternatim sections. The polyphony of the two versions is identical.
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