'Popule meus' Palestrina english
  • davido
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    Has anyone set the Palestrina 'Popule meus' (Reproaches) to the current text from the Roman Missal? If so, I would be interested in a copy.
  • ServiamScores
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    (Following thread)
  • At a previous church I arranged the "Popule meus" refrain (not the Hagios o Theos) into English. Let me dig for it this week and get back to y'all.
  • I'm having issues uploading the files here. Anyone interested in what I have, please PM me!
  • Some of the text is used in this Requiem - https://www.sheetmusicplus.com/title/short-requiem-digital-sheet-music/19974435 - over the Kyries.
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    btodorovich87, if you are having trouble posting a PDF file, please make sure the file name contains no spaces and no punctuation other than hyphens.
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  • Palestrina
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    I think there’s an English version of this available through OCP (edited by Geoffrey Cox).
  • My apologies to all, I misread the thread. The piece I have is the Victoria, not Palestrina!
  • Heath
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    davido, this is the sort of thing I do over at www.englishmotets.com ...and occasionally I even take requests! :) PM me if you're interested.
  • davido
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    Thanks Heath, I actually went with the Victoria since it was handy