Frivolous question re tract for Lent I
  • Jeffrey Quick
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    A question with no practical application, out of curiosity:
    Does ANYONE here sing the full Gregorian Tract for Lent 1?
    I've heard they do it at St. Mary Norwalk. I would bet they do it at St. John Cantius. Anywhere else?
    (for the record: no, we'll be psalm-toning it.)
  • MarkB
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    St. Michael's Abbey in Orange County, CA sings it in full, as I recall.
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  • tomjaw
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    We sing it in full at St. Bede's, and we have also sang it in full in other churches.

    Originally (10 years ago) there was a Mass OF just after ours and so we were asked to Psalm tone it, but we sang the first 2 and last verses in full. Once the Mass after our was moved later and then discontinued, we then started to sing it in full.

    Sometimes we have a paid choir come and they psalm tone it as we did above, but on those years we go and sing it in full in another church, a quick phone call to a priest who usually has a Low Mass and a yes please is the reply!
  • We’ve sung it in full at least twice in the last 8 years. It kinda disappoints me when we don’t.
  • In the few EF places I have been involved here in Australia it has always been sung to the Gregorian melody found in the Graduale. I must confess I've never heard it psalm toned.
  • chonakchonak
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    We sing it all at St. Adelaide's in Peabody, under the direction of @olbash.
  • StimsonInRehabStimsonInRehab
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    We did it this year. This, and Palm Sunday! I LOVE MY CHOIR
  • Sung it in full, once, I think, in 10 years. I would like to sing it in full, but I usually lose the vote.
  • jabv
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    Old St. Patrick in Ann Arbor, MI sang it in full this year! We also sang the tract for Palm Sunday in full.
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  • narfie13
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    Yes all the tracts all the time at 11am Latin Mass Dominican Rite at Holy Rosary Portland OR. I bring my Graduale and sing every other tract verse from the pews ( with the schola in the organ loft) in order to keep awake and enjoy it fully. After all it is not a choral concert it is sung prayer and intended for one to sing it.
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  • madorganist
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    it is sung prayer and intended for one to sing it
    Tracts are direct psalmody. It seems unlikely that they were intended for congregational singing.