What do you call the handout?
  • Claire H
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    Out of curiosity: If you print something specific to the weekend for the congregation to follow the texts/music, what do you call it? I've heard many variations...

    "Worship Aid"
    "Order of Worship"
    "Participation Aid"
    "Program" (at weddings)
  • MarkB
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    Old joke from the late 1980s:

    Q: Do you have worship aids?
    A: I didn't think you could get that from going to Communion.

    I heard a well-known composer of liturgical music tell that joke at a conference. I don't think he would do so today given the PC, hypersensitive, perpetually grieved, victim culture that has been cultivated arisen.
  • Service Folder
    Mass Folder
    Mass Leaflet
    anything but 'bulletin' (a bulletin is something else entirely.)
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  • irishtenoririshtenor
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    I've always called it either a "Worship Aid" or an "Order of Worship."

    I had a priest-supervisor who strongly preferred "Participation Aid."

    I don't really have strong opinions on what it should be called. Your mileage may vary.
  • Order of Worship, or
    Order of Mass

    Worship Aid sounds clutzy
    Participation Aid even worse.
    Neither has dignity.
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  • CHGiffenCHGiffen
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    "The Handout". Just kidding, of course. In the same vein:
    If music is included, you might call it "The Scorecard".
    Seriously, though, I agree with Jackson:
    Order of Mass, or
    Order of Worship

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  • “One More Thing to Be Ignored”
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  • Q: Do you have worship aids?

    Well, if you go to a Methodist church, you can usually get a little cup of Worship-Ade to wash down your spongy cube of Pretend Jesus.
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  • CHGiffenCHGiffen
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    Speaking from experience:
    ... you can usually get a little cup ...
    Back in the old days, "usually" could mean once a month or maybe four times a year. But I wonder, why have fun at Methodists' expense?
  • True, we did it once a month, and usually was higher quality stuff than purple drink. But it was still free of alcohol, so to my undiscerning tastes it fell under the genus of Ade
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  • CharlesW
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    I worked at a Church of Christ (Disciples of Christ) church for several years. They had communion every Sunday, which I understand is not the norm in Protestant churches. The "wine" was grape juice and the bread was the little cubes which seem fairly common.

    Worship aides: Only the seasonal missalette and the hymnal. I once had mass cards in the hymnal racks for Lent, when we used a Latin Ordinary. The then pastor complained about pew clutter and the fact someone had to re-rack them and clean up behind messy parishioners.
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  • Carol
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    There are a couple of women in our parish who go around after the last Sunday Mass and straighten up each pew. We have OCP hymnals and a card with the English Mass dialogues which were purchased when the translations changed back to "And with your Spirit." I don't think anyone asked the ladies to do this, I think they just took it upon themselves to straighten up. These are the same ladies who attend daily Mass, God bless them.
  • eft94530eft94530
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    Music Menu .. for the choir people
    Pew Sheet .. for the pew people
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  • Liam
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    Many of the (not Catholic) churches where I have worked have combined the leaflet-thingy with the bulletin--liturgy things at the front, announcements at the back. Does anyone here do that? I'm always put off by the church bulletins with a back page full of advertising (and yes, I know that the ads finance the printing of the bulletin, but the idealist in me wants Mass to be an ad-free space. So little else is.)
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  • KARU27
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    Yes, I remember being shocked that there was advertising on the back of the bulletin. Of course, now I know that this paper is not what I thought of as the bulletin, it's more of a parish newsletter really, but at the time I though it was the same thing that the Lutherans got at church every week.
    : )
  • I play in an Episcopal church. The congregation has an Order of Worship. The choir has a choir leaflet. Preparing leaflet is very tedious for me but expedites rehearsals as we use multiple resources for music.
  • IMHO, “participation aid” sounds nasty, and “worship aid” sounds even worse.

    I always preferred ORDER OF WORSHIP
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  • Claire H
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    Order of Worship is what we call the tri-fold congregational handout here. I was just curious to survey.
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  • francisfrancis
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    Defective if it replaces the authentic sacred music