Ordo from Le Barroux - Help with Interpretation, Please
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    Could someone help me deciphering the Ordo from the Benedictine monastery at St. Madeleine le Barroux? I know it specifies when to chant a certain Mass ordinary, or Gloria, or Credo, but I'm not exactly sure how to 'interpret' it. Here's a link:


    For example - Sunday, February 17th (Septuagesima Sunday) reads " 10* 11 Ø (1)". What does that mean as far as the mas setting for the day?
  • tomjaw
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    Is that Kyrie X ad lib (The older from of Mass XI) with the rest from Mass XI?
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    I believe that would be Kyrie X ad lib, with the rest from Mass XI as tomjaw suggests. My guess for the rest is that the zero with a line through it means no Gloria, and maybe the (1) means Credo I. If I just looked at that PDF I am sure I could confirm those guesses but I can't download it right now.

    It is kind of cool to decipher ordos, if you are a liturgy buff, at least. I spent 15 months at Clear Creek and always had "fun" studying the ordo every so often. Recently I came across two very old ordos - diocesan ones from 1903 and 1909 or something like that - and I just spent the next couple days poring over those figuring out what everything meant. Of course I would have been lost if I had not already had the experience at CC, as they were in Latin and heavily abbreviated.
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