My new organ access addition
  • I just got granted access to the organ at the Trinity Episcopal Church in Torrington on Sunday at noon, in a meeting with my father and music director. The way for me to get in would be a key which would have to be picked up from the church secretary. I'm looking forward to playing on it!
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    Welcome to the forum!
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  • Looking for beginner hymns to play during worship...thank you!
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    Do you have a copy of The Hymnal 1940? If you're doing Episcopal/Anglican services, that's pretty much the gold standard. Most of it is freely available online here:

    Anyone taking bets on how long before MJO or Adam Wood jumps in to say how much better the 1906 is than 1940?
  • No. That link you gave me doesn't look like the organist's edition.
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    I’ve never seen the 1906 where can I see it?

    By the way, I unbound and scanned the 1940 years ago for my own personal use.
  • The one 1906 hymnal that is exemplary is The English Hymnal, of which you and all on this forum should have a copy. It is better even than The Hymnal 1940. It even features the plainchant hymns in square chant notation. Ralph Vaughan Williams was one of the editors. The Episcopal hymnal that preceded the 1940 is not really on a par with it.
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    @justinchewilkin -- This is page 8 (as an example) of the link I sent you:

    What more are you looking for in an "organist's edition?" I would be happy with that as an organist, FWIW.
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