chant melodies used for Litanies
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    I have a new problem. I am researching Rolande Falcinelli's "Rosa Mystica--Pièce d'orgue sur 7 thémes grégoriens à la Vierge" Opus 20. She puts a recurring tune in the pedal and labels it "Litanies." I looked up the Litany of Loreto, but this does not match that tune. Any ideas from you Roman experts? Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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    The Litany of Loreto...

    Manuel des Processions et Benedictions du très Saint Sacrament, Descelle, 1921
    Has 8 tones for the Litany of Loretto

    Cantus ad Processiones et Benedictiones, Descelle, 1948
    also has 8 tone but 3 are different from the above book
    Organ accompaniments here,

    Manual of Chant
    5 tones 3 different to above.

    Cantus Varii
    3 melodies all found in books above

    Also see here,