POSITION FILLED. Pastoral Assistant of Music – The Proto-Cathedral of St. James the Greater
  • Pastoral Assistant of Music – The Proto-Cathedral of St. James the Greater, Vancouver, WA

    The Proto-Cathedral of St. James the Greater seeks a full-time Pastoral Assistant of Music. The candidate will serve as director of and recruiter for the Collegium Musicum (paid ensemble), Youth choristers, and organist at all Masses.

    The Proto-Cathedral is a standard for orthodox music and Liturgy throughout the Archdiocese of Seattle. The St. James Collegium Musicum (paid ensemble) sings for two sung Sunday Masses every Sunday, which include the singing of English Chant Propers and Ordinary with motets (9am) and Gregorian Chant Propers and Ordinary, or polyphonic, with motets (11am).

    Qualifications: The candidate should possess a master’s Degree in Music or higher (or equivalent experience), with extensive experience in conducting, composing/arranging, and performing authentic sacred music (Gregorian Chant, polyphony, etc.), as well as experience in orchestral conducting and composing/arranging. Must have proficient organ abilities in solo works, accompanying, and improvisation. The candidate should also have knowledge of the all Catholic Liturgical aspects.


    Please send cover letter, resumes, and any additional pertinent prior to music@protocathedral.org
    Thanked by 1M. Jackson Osborn
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