Super Bowl Deniao
  • Bravo for Gladys Knight. Truly well done and better than most recent renditions. That having been said, am I the only church musician introvert planning for Lenten liturgies on cell phone as game continues?
  • Not bad for someone 74 years old!
  • Carol
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    A defensive football battle is much less exciting for sure. I thought Gladys Knight did a nice job, not too ornamented, but I actually thought it lacked energy. I hope I can sing like that in another ten years! Actually I'd like to sing like that now.
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  • Cesar,

    I don't plan on my cell phone, but I didn't watch the game.
  • CharlesW
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    Gladys Knight is a classy lady who didn't intend to put up with the politicizing of the anthem that we have seen too much of in recent times. She did a great job.

    LENT? Gaaaaah! Spare us, O Lord.