Experimental Simplified 1st Sunday of Advent Propers based on Pustet Edition
  • raph
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    I noticed many choirs use psalm tones to sing the propers because the melodies in the Graduale Romanum are too complex. The melodies in the old pre-Solesmes editions are much simpler yet beautiful, so I decided to transcribe the propers of the 1st Sunday of Advent of the Pustet Edition with some adaptations, just as an experiment, as an alternative to the complex GR melodies. So, what do you think about the result?


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  • I'm not sure what to think of these. While I do think it's a laudable effort, I would be so disappointed if I did not hear the full Ad Te Levavi Introit on Advent I.

    Perhaps with the exception of the Gradual, it doesn't seem to simplify things to the point where lower-level choirs would be able to use them as opposed to the choirs who sing full GR chants regularly.

    My final comment would be that it is necessary to keep consistent the ending of the psalm tone in the Introit with that of its Gloria Patri.
  • I don't think these are less complex that the chants from the Graduale Romanum. To draw on the pre-Solesmes Pustet Edition isn't the way forward, imho.

    Another approach would be using the structural pitches (as introduced by the late Fr. Columba Kelly), and use this structural analysis to add embelishments to the chant, up to a level the members of the choir can handle.
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  • stulte
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    I personally have thought about doing something like this. The whole "chant before Solesmes came along was hopelessly corrupt" thing has gotten tiresome. The prior edition, even if the melodies were pared down, have a charm of their own. A mash-up edition could be valuable.
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  • I agree with Stulte on this one. I like it. Even if for the historical aspect.

    You might actually talk to NihilNominis about this: he had a project that was utilizing a lot of these propers.