PCED is no more
  • Requisite thread to collect opinions, so I know what to think about it.
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    I agree with Fr Z, no neccessary cause for alarm. PCED has been part of CDF (with the same head) since 2009. The main task is to get SSPX on board (which the Pope seems quite keen on), regulating the OF is only a minor aspect.
    My take - (political) they can't get SSPX on board if they attack the EF. And (organisational) regulating EF would surely fit better with CDWDS, who already regulate both OF and Ordinariate Use.
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    I think this sums it up the best: HERE

    I am not afraid to say that there are many things that have happened during this pontificate that I find troubling, but this, in itself, isn't one of them. As Fr. Z notes: the PCED is fully absorbed into the CDF, retaining all current members--and it really isn't a much of a change from the status quo, since the Commission was already partially absorbed into the CDF anyway. And as Rorate Caeli notes, the Motu Proprio states outright that "the Institutes and Religious Communities that celebrate regularly in the Extraordinary Form have reached today a proper stability of numbers and life...", in other words FSSP, ICKSP, et al., have the where-with-all to function on their own--The training wheels are off, and they're riding the bike.

    Having said that, there is always the possibility of a "problem"--this is the Vatican after all, and His Holiness hasn't always surrounded himself with the best people.
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  • I find it intriguing that it is the unique charism of this pope to say things saints have said, and yet instill doubt rather than certitude.
  • (. . . and I post the following as acting president of the local UV Chapter . . . )

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  • Stimson,

    Is that a beer?
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  • So, are those bayonettes or a Doctor Who monster's tentacles which are putting Ecclesia Dei to death?
  • Not sure how significant this is, but former PCED secretary Msgr. Pozzo has been put in charge of the Sistine Choir's finances:
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    What we are seeing here with PCED and the Sistine choir, is a restructuring of curial offices: PCED (on 19 January) was officially assumed into the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith; the Sistine choir (also on 19 January) was assumed into the Office of Liturgical Ceremonies, under Msgr. Guido Marini. This second reorganization went unnoticed because of the screeching about Ecclesia Dei. When you put both these things together, what you see is nothing more than the amalgamation of quasi-autonomous offices with the Congregations/Offices with which they were, practically speaking, already a part.
  • Is this right Marini?
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    Yes. Don Guido, the current Papal Master of Ceremonies.