Adoremus in Aeternum sheet music help please
  • JesJes
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    Hi all,

    I’m looking for a very specific version of the Adoremus.
    I can see that people have put chant versions on here and there is this wonderful wealth of chant versions in every mode.
    But the one I’m looking for is for a friend who wants a very specific version.
    I realize the man in that video is singing a couple of notes off too. Please ignore that.

    Ideally I’d try to convince him to do the common chant ones but he really wants this one.
    If anybody has the sheet music this would save me time writing it out.
    Ok if not. I am happy to write it out if I have to.


  • tomjaw
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    I can't get your link to work (I am in a hurry) but 8 versions can be found here,

    Also I have type set these,
    1st version is found in Cantuale Romano Seraphicum, Cantus Ad processiones, and Antiphonale Romanum 1949.
    2nd Version is found in Plainsong for schools
    3rd Version is found in Plainsong for schools

    Also there is a modern setting by Rush in the "Parish Hymn Book" it is based on one of the chant settings.
  • ViolaViola
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    I couldn't read the link either. Trying to attach a collection I found useful; here goes.
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  • quilisma
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    The attached scan is from the Westminster Hymnal.
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  • a_f_hawkins
    Posts: 1,631 should work!
    I am not sure whether he is trying to sing the third (mode VI) tune from the collection tomjaw posted, it certainly shares quite a lot of notes.
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  • JesJes
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    Thanks all for the help! @quilisma got it!
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  • JesJes
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    Thanks @TomJaw noticed these earlier in a prior post when I was digging. Unfortunately the priest wants to do the one in the recording. But I'll personally love using these chants elsewhere. I have another priest who is sick of doing the same one over and over.
    Thanks @Viola unfortunately yes I'm looking for the very specific one in the recording I attached above.
    Thanks @quilisma yes! That's the one! Thank you!
    @a_f_hawkins thanks. That is indeed the recording the priest sent me for the copy. Unfortunately the collection of chants didn't include it. It's a pesky one to find.

    Thanks all for the efforts!!!
    Truly appreciate the help!
  • JesJes
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    Thanks all!!!
    @quilisma got it!
  • It’s also in RR Terry’s “The Complete Benediction Book for Choirs”. A very useful book, but very hard to find. Perhaps there might be a PDF of it out there...
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