Farewell Pontifical Commission 'Ecclesia Dei'?
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    My instinctive reaction to this was horror, seeing as there is a rumor (to my knowledge, at least) that Pope Francis would like to somehow do away with the universal permission to celebrate the TLM and give that generally to the SSPX once reconciliation takes place. (Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong on this).

    What are all your thoughts on the matter?
  • CharlesW
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    Hard to say. I have read recently that some in the Italian conference of bishops would like that universal permission rolled back. I sometimes tell enthusiastic Latin mass supporters in my parish that they either don't accept, or realize a number of folks hate that mass and everything that goes with it.

    As for the commission being an impediment to communication with SSPX, as was indicated in the article, is nearly impossible to verify. The Vatican doesn't exactly do cable news panels on its thoughts or plans.
  • chonakchonak
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    Here's a story about PCED being made an organ of CDF:


    in 2009!
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  • Re: repeal of Summorum Pontificum - Wouldn't be the first time Francis has played fast and loose with Catholic continuity of thought to suit his agenda.
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    In 2009 PCED did become an organ of CDF, and since then the President of PCED has been the Prefect of CDF. This makes sense since its main task is getting SSPX back on board. The pope seems quite keen on this; it would hardly be helpful to attack the OF.
    In any case, surely the oversight of the OF would be more logically under CDWDS which already has the Ordinariate Use variant of the Roman Rite under its wing.
  • I wouldnt worry about this development either. At this time, there is such a significant establishment of the more orthodox teaching and more orthodox Latin Liturgy present in nearly every major urban area of the United States that it's growth and numbers are unstoppable. Few people see the SSPX as being outside of the Roman Church any longer. The sensus fidelium has seen many ideas of the current Pope as being in error, therefore any negative will he had toward the more authentic orthopraxis would be rejected by the majority local bishops who endorse it, of which there is a decent number in North America
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  • Don't forget the rest of the world. I am currently visiting the region around Campos, in Brazil, where traditional Catholic life remains quite vibrant (predominantly under the auspices of the Apostolic Administration, with some chapels of the SSPX, and a couple of other diocesan or independent or schismatic groups here and there). We are talking tens of thousands of parishioners. It's very inspiring.
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