Serafino Cantone, Falsibordoni, 1602
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    Attached is an edition of the Falsibordoni from Serafino Cantone's "Vesperi a Versetti, et Falsi Bordoni a Cinque Voci", transcribed from the original part books, with some minor errors silently corrected (i.e. a 'G' printed instead of an 'A' in what should be an F Major chord). These are printed without text here and in the source. Double-bars after mediant and final cadences are in the original publication, other barlines are editorial. Original note values.

    High Clefs (Chiavetti) are used for the III Toni & VII Toni chants: They should probably be transposed lower in performance, but I have left them untransposed, so that the dominant, when performed in conjunction with the plainchant, will be easier to find.

    If anyone would like to give a proofread before I upload them onto CPDL, it'd be appreciated. Original part books, here: