Spring 2019 at Dunwoodie (New York) - Introduction to Music Reading, Music Theory, and Ear Training
  • This spring I'll be offering a class for parish musicians interested in learning to read music, and some basic music theory and ear training.

    Classes will be on Saturday mornings from 9:30 to 11:30, from January 19th to May 4th. The cost of the non-credit workshop is $500 plus a registration fee of $50. First-time students receive a 50% discount on tuition: $250.00 plus the $50 registration fee.

    Registration is available here.

    3400 x 4400 - 1M
  • Jenny,

    Do I understand correctly that it's a months-long course in Dunwoodie, New York?

    I know some people I would like to send, but Dunwoodie is the other end of the country, and my expense budget wouldn't cover plane tickets.
  • This is superb, and so needed!
    Is there an advance syllabus, or do you tailor the sessions to the particular participants each time the course is offered?
  • Thanks for the comments, gentlemen.

    Chris, the course is actually weekly on Saturdays for the whole spring semester, so it works only for those in the area. Depending on the results of this semester's course, we might look at other options for course format and delivery.

    Daniel, my plan is to work from a syllabus and tweak it each time. I gave a two-hour workshop last semester as an introduction to the topic, and people seemed to respond well to starting from zero. Even if someone has picked up a fair amount just by participating in a music program, it seems helpful to start from zero and build out so that one sees the logic of things that before might have just been intuited. I'm assuming that people will not know how to read music, but that the basic concepts can be taught quickly before moving on to a curriculum that makes the work people are often already doing in a parish more enjoyable and done with greater ease. Besides the desire to help people learn these vital concepts, I was encouraged to think about offering a course like this because there are a lot of new tools for supplementing and making teaching theory easier since I last taught it four years ago in Florida. I love the way in which Meludia teaches really sophisticated ear training skills through intuitive, non-technical visual aids. Harmonia also makes the process of doing and grading homework more effective and easier.
  • ghmus7
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    Jennifer: I would so love to see your syllabus as I am thinking about teaching a course like this to seminarians.
    My email is ghmus7@hotmail.com
    Gregory Hamilton