Benedicamus Domino Dismissal
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    When to use "Benedicamus Domino" as a dismissal?

    While many seem to think that "Benedicamus Domino" substitutes for "Ite, Missa Est" during Lent, my Cathedral Daily Missal (c. 1963) states that "B.D." is to be used ONLY in cases where another devotion follows the end of Mass (e.g., exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, an Hours, etc.) In other words, B.D. COULD be used any day of the year if there's 'more to follow,' and "Ite, Missa Est" should be used on all other days.

    Supposedly, this change was made in 1961 (or thereabouts) and applies to the "1962 Rite", but the online Vatican archives do not seem to have this document available.

    Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?
  • Cantor
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    Did you check the CMAA's online 1962 Missal?
  • BTW is there a Missal with English rubrics? My latin is not quite that good.
  • dad29,

    I believe that your Cathedral Daily Missal is correct.
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    From the 1962 Missal one notes:

    L) De conclusione Missae
    507. In fine Missae dicitur Ite, missa est, cui respondetur Deo gratias.
    a) in Missa vespertina in Cena Domini quam
    sequitur solemnis repositio Ss.mi Sacramenti, et in
    aliis Missis quas sequitur aliqua processio, dicitur
    Benedicamus Domino, cui respondetur Deo gratias;

    L) In the course of the conclusion of the Mass

    507) At the end of the Mass is said Ite, missa est, to which is replied Deo Gratias

    But yet

    a) for the evening Mass of Maundy Thursday which is followed by the solemn reposition of the Most Holy Sacrament, and in other Masses followed by a similar procession is said Benedicamus Domino,to which is replied, Deo Gratias
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    Yah, thanks!

    I found the material in Mgr Hayburn's book, (almost by accident) and hit "sink" for this post--but it didn't "sink," (or get cancelled.)