• rogue63
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    Does anyone have:

    The OF Requiem preface in Latin, with square notes? My boss is doing a funeral tomorrow and the family has requested maximum Latin, so we're trying to oblige. Any help is appreciated!
  • quilisma
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    OF Preface for the Dead I is the same text as the EF Preface.
    So you can take it directly from the 1962 missal available from MusicaSacra (p. 363 of the PDF). Just note that it's the ferial tone for the dialogue/preface - as is customary for Requiem Masses.

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    Here are some pages from Ordo Missae cum cantu (Solesmes).
    2988 x 3984 - 676K
    2988 x 3984 - 2M
    2988 x 3984 - 814K
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    and the family has requested maximum Latin

    Grant, we beseech thee, Lord, that more of us may be afflicted by such problems. Deliver us, we pray, more requests such as this one, and lead us not into Eagles' Wings.
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    Many thanks! Just what I was looking for.
  • Grant, we beseech thee, Lord, that more of us may be afflicted by such problems. Deliver us, we pray, more requests such as this one, and lead us not into Eagles' Wings.

    C'mon, cmb, the family wants maximum Latin! :) Let's try this:

    Da nobis, quaesumus, Domine, ut quamvis secus suaderent ut plures de nobis potest problems. Tradetque nobis plus petendo taliter et nos dimittimus aquilarum bat.* Per Domium nostrum...

    *Courtesy Google Translate, so some accuracy may be lacking
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    I'm not so hot at Latin, but I think that Google Translate has a lot to learn.
    For a more elegant ending, maybe...

    Dona nobis saepe, petitionibus talis. Et ne nos inducas in alarum aquila.
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    Google Translate probably isn't great at inflected languages.
  • Richard MixRichard Mix
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    A little off topic, but I made a fascinating accidental discovery: Nekrasov's
    8Нейдет мне впрок!

    in Google translation comes out:
    8 It won't work for me!
    Remove the line number:

    Нейдет мне впрок!
    now is rendered:
    Naydet me in store!
    Play with different numerals:
    3Нейдет мне впрок!

    3No to me for future use!
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  • quilisma
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    You should rather ask to translate:

    Нейдёт мне впрок!

    The umlaut over the e is often omitted, but Russians know it's there. Google doesn't.
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    You're also welcome to use this one which had translations right in the same page. It also has detailed instructions on process.....etc.... (rubrics)

    Sorry I missed getting this to you on time.


  • Richard MixRichard Mix
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    …still off topic:

    7Душевно     7 sensually
    Душевно7     Soulful7
    Душевно3     Mental3
    3Душевно     3. mentally
    77Душевно   77Ourly
    7Душевно7   7Healthfully7

    Russian numbers are famously a terror to students, the plurals of year being 1 год, 2-4 года, 5 or more Лет, which does nothing to explain why Google is hung up on 3 instead of 5, or why I haven't gotten similar results with Italian or German. But in French the caffeinated con anima is

    vif         bright
    3 vif      3 lively
    9 vif9.   9 alive9
    9vif 9.   9vif 9
    3 vif3.   3 vivid3

    PS. Sticking the yot ё in the original line does change the outcome, but not necessarily for the better:
    3I'm not waiting for me!
    4 It won't come to me for the future!
    5 It won't be good for me!
  • rogue63
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    I am thrilled. I received a famous "." from MJO. All earthly glories pale beside this one.
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    A friend has drawn my attention to the octopus of the duckweed.
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