A weekly choral Sunday Sarum use Vespers in Northern Virginia ?
  • I thought I might ask if, there is there anyone here living in Virginia who is interested in participating in a weekly Sunday night Sarum Use Vespers in Fairfax or Loudoun (or adjacent neighboring) counties? I am ready to begin doing this but wish to know if any other people share enough enthusiasm to consider a regular participation in a local chapel...
  • I would drive quite a ways for the parish home and liturgy that was sane, but 1.500 or so miles is, I think, too far even for me.
    I wish you great joy and success in this venture.

    In what context are you doing your Sarum vespers?
    They would not be licit even in the Ordinariate, much less the OF or even the EF - which isn't to say that you can't have them just for the joy and enrichment that inheres simply in having them.
  • The context is for anyone who holds interest in participating in this form of prayer and is willing or able to sing (and basic sight reading) with moderate proficiency , or willing to work hard and pray hard... As for the idea of Holy Tradition being illicit, that is contradictory to the nature of the faith. Thank you, I am confident that success will be had. :-) I have various materials prepared for singing this form of Vespers, which facilitates being more practical and less awkward.
  • First off - do share what you've prepared, material-wise.

    Then we'll discuss the viability of me selling everything and moving from the Land of the Hoosiers in order to pursue this pearl of great price.
  • I'm not in Northern Virginia. Otherwise it sounds interesting even if (as I think Jackson will rightly maintain) the form is no longer licit because it hasn't been in continuous use. There's nothing (that I know of) inherently wrong or bad or contrary to faith in the Sarum Rite, but I'm willing to be corrected.
  • The dominican use has been in continous use, the differences between the Sarum and Dominican are negligible, mostly involving a different proper of saints calendar. The argument that something is illicit because it is not in regular use seems unlikely if we consider that God is beyond time and space.