RIP Robert Morlino, Bishop of Madison Wisconsin
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    Looking at my Calendar we can have Requiem Masses on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, for the repose of his soul. EF calendar!
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    Same options in the OF, and Saturday.
    May flights of angels lead him into Paradise.
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    He was a very good Bishop at the time Madison needed one. ReqInPace.
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    What a colossal loss. I really can't say enough about the good work he has done in the Diocese of Madison. As one might imagine, this news makes me quite nervous for the future of the diocese. Prayers for his soul and for the good of the Diocese of Madison!
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  • Given who is on the Congregation for bishops, perhaps prayers are in order for the Diocese of Madison?
  • Re Chris, absolutely. If there’s any good news, it’s that there’s a solid bench of auxiliary bishops in the upper Midwest who won’t go unnoticed in the CB chambers as they pick a successor to Morlino. A few that come to mind are Joseph Perry of Chicago, Jeffrey Haines and James Schuerman of Milwaukee, or Andrew Cozzens from my neck of the woods. Among those include a few bishops with faculties to celebrate the EF, which I imagine Madison area Catholics would appreciate. It’s of course also very possible that they’ll pick someone from a far corner of the U.S. (recall that Morlino himself was bishop of Helena, MT before coming to Madison in 2003).

    All that said, definitely keep the people of the Madison diocese in your prayers as they go through this period of transition.
  • Will this effect the establishment of the Gower Benedictine nuns in the Madison diocese?
  • Re StimsonInRehab, probably not. I don’t live in the state anymore, but it seems like the Gower community has already accepted the diocesan invitation to set up a priory there, so it would appear that the heavy lifting is behind them. The convention has always been that bishops take a laissez-faire attitude towards religious instutes within their borders (especially those lacking parish responsibilities), so going forward the Gower community just needs to maintain a stable apostolate and good enough relations with the diocese so as to not get expelled. The Jesuits have proven that that last part is a pretty low bar, so they’re probably fine even if Rome picks a McElroy-type to succeed Morlino (maybe I shouldn’t joke about that...).
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    I'm so sorry for your loss. I've heard your good Bishop speak. A huge loss for sure.
  • Bishop Morlino's Vicar General, Msgr. James Bartylla, was unanimously elected as the Diocesan Administrator until the next bishop is installed. He was previously the Director of Vocations for the diocese as well as the Master of Ceremonies for the bishop.

    Pertinent to the readership here is Msgr's ability to intone the Novus Ordo Mass in Latin and English, as well the Traditional Latin Mass—all of which he does regularly.

    It has been my unmerited privilege to organize and direct the sacred music for almost all of Bishop Morlino's Pontifical Solemn Masses, as well as sing the proper for Msgr. Bartylla's sung weekday Novus Ordo Masses.

    Thank you all for your generous prayers. May Bp. Morlino rest in peace.
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    Sad. Very sad. May his memory be eternal.
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    Bishop Morlino will be sorely missed, not only by those of the Diocese of Madison but also by those of us in Wisconsin not fortunate enough to benefit as much from his leadership. May he rest in peace, eternally.