The Gregorian Chant Requiem in English - two questions.
  • What's the correct English text to be used and is it available in print in square, round notes or both?
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    Is it for a funeral? An anniversary? Or a commemoration apart from those cases?

    Is it for one person, or more than one, or for all the dead?
  • I can supply this in square notes - but it's in Old Church English.
  • CHONAK - Funeral - one person, at this point!

    MJO - I would enjoy seeing the Old Church English
  • It's not English, but here's a summary of the 74 Graduale Romanum:
    Introit: Requiem aeternam, as EF, but with verses, and a choice of 6 other Introits you can do.
    Gradual: Requiem aeternam and 5 alternatives
    Alleluia verse: Requiem aeternam, with 3 alternatives
    Tract: absolve Domine OR De profundis clamavi OR 2 alternatives
    [conspicuous by absence: the Sequence, Dies Irae]
    Offertory: Domine Jesu Christi (but you can leave out the Hostias!)
    Communion: Lux aeterna, with 9 alternatives

    PLUS, there are different Introit, alleluia (4), offertory and Communion (2) prescribed if you have the misfortune of being potted in Paschal Time. Is it any wonder that NOBODY does a by-the-book chanted NO Missa pro defunctis. "Here are all these useless alternatives... because we don't want it to look like we're TELLING YOU WHAT TO DO or anything.".

    Then there's this:
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  • Noel =
    If you want a copy send me your address.
    I don't know how to put things up here.
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    Optionitis has corrupted the NO requiem. Just use the EF chants.
  • Optionitis has corrupted the NO requiem. Just use the EF chants.
    But in English, works for me.

  • Noel -
    I meant your mailing address.
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  • Davido -
    I had forgotten about the Plainchant Gradual.
    I was thinking of Canon Winfred Douglas' St Dunstan's Kyriale,
    which has most of the Gregorian masses in square noted Old Church English.
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    The pdf only goes through page 239.
  • There are only 239 pages in the original.
    The Requiem begins on p. 228.
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  • Has anyone used the American Gradual for the Mass for the Dead?
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    Noel, the introit in Simple English Propers (which you can download) fits the official text in the Roman Missal: there's a one-word discrepancy you can fix; and adjust the "them" to be "him" or "her", as needed.

    Also, a setting of All Souls' Day texts by Fr. Weber may provide some useful materials: Nov.pdf

    Fr. Columba Kelly's settings for funerals are at:

    Also, if you have "By Flowing Waters", that contains a fairly complete set of chants.