Guimont Lectionary Psalms errata
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    To my shame today (OT 32B) I had no pencil notes from previous use of Guimont's Lectionary Psalms: half of our copies are older printings with "The God of Jacob" for "The Lord" ('stanza' 1a) and "The Lord" for "he" (st. 3a). The old and revised printings alike omit "Alleluia" at the end; but not the pew CCH from GIA.

    Has anyone compiled an errata list already or shall we just start posting here? I find myself wondering whether these (and other) discrepancies are relics of a once non-finalized Lectionary or just typos?
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    The similarly-named Lectionary Psalms and Gospel Acclamations, from WLP, is also ridden with such errors, but not quite as many as the number of part-writing errors to be found in the “harmonizations”.
  • Not sure these are errors since they seem to be what's in the official English lectionary. The USCCB website, for example, has different reading for the same verses here (Ps. 146:6) - the 23rd Sunday has "The God of Jacob keeps faith forever," and the 32nd Sunday reads, "The Lord keeps faith forever." (Seems this can be attributed to the fact that the NAB at Ps. 146:7c reads "who keeps faith forever" (as does the Latin) - a continuation of a previous verse.) Likewise, the alleluia at the end in not in the Latin lectionary for either Sunday.

    There are other changes and discrepancies between days that supposedly have the same psalm verses, as well as between the English and Latin lectionaries (see this table).
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    I've noticed discrepancies in Guimont's collection internally as well as with the Lectionary. When we use a Guimont setting and I'm the psalmist, I always memorize the refrain and the tone and my director allows me to chant a cappella directly from the Lectionary instead of reading Guimont's music and using his accompaniment. Sometimes Guimont's tones for the verses are terrible, so I might use his refrain but chant the verses using a Gregorian or Meinrad psalm tone instead of Guimont's tone. As time has gone on, I've become dissatisfied with Guimont's settings as written.
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    I'm more concerned about being 'on the same page' than with whether Christ the King's Ps 122 agrees with Advent I's Ps 122, and when minor discrepancies come up I try to agree with what's in the Hymnal rather than peek at the ambo Lectionary.

    Phasing Guimont out altogether could be more of a priority, I agree; so far we've only swapped out Lent for the Parish Book of Psalms, not something I'd care for all the time. My desiderata are: 1. comfortable SATB ranges in the Psalm, 2. SATB option for 'refrain' 3. thoughtful division of verses (XRc & A1a are a case in point: "the tribes go up… R. …according to the decree"). OT 17C is another Sunday where Guimont was ugly enough to put me to (gulp) work:
  • There are discrepancies galore in the US Lectionary when the same text is used on multiple occasions. Two instances I can think of off hand are two instances when Psalm 15 is used on Sundays: one has the response starting as "He who does justice..." and the other starts "The one who does justice..." Another instance is with Psalm 96: in the Sunday Lectionary the response for 2 OT-C is "Proclaim his marvelous deeds..." but in the weekday volumes is "Proclaim God's marvelous deeds..." The latter is possibly because the Sunday and weekday volumes were issued in different years and may have had some different people involved between the two. I've actually been using the Revised Grail Psalms (for the most part) the last few years (we have Worship IV in our pews, and I frankly just like the RGP better than the NAB/Lectionary, and since it's already approved for liturgical use that's what I use).