Motets for Dec 8
  • My parish is having a TLM for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. I would appreciate some suggestions on good motets for such an occasion.
  • tomjaw
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    Dixit Maria and Ave Maris Stella (Hasler) available on CPDL. Of course you could sing the Dixit Maria Mass as well (Including Credo!). (This was our programme for Rosary Sunday)
  • I second tomjaw's suggestion. There are plenty of ideas here:
    If you want something easy, straightforward, and popular, there's always "O Sanctissima."
  • kevinfkevinf
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    Tota Pulchra Es-Durufle.
  • ** Tota Pulchra Es (either Lassus 2 voice or Ancient melody 3 voice)
    ** Ave Maris (Victoria) 4 voice
    ** Ave Maria (Arcadelt or attr. Victoria) 4 voice both
    ** O Sanctissima (Allen) 3 voice
    ** Ave Virgo Sanctissima (Guerrero) 5 voice
    ** a variety of Magnificat settings for faux bourdon 3 or 4 voice

    Let me know if you need music for any of the above. Dixit Maria is certainly a good option as well, haven't done his Ave Maris yet.
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  • If your ladies aren't up to the Durufle but you have a fine soprano soloist, this is lovely as well:
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  • Ave Maria … Virgo Serena (Josquin) - 4pt
    Ave Maria a'5 (Palestrina) - 5pt ; or I second all the other suggestions above, and will add there's a nice 2pt Ave Maria w/ organ by Perosi.
    Ecce Virgo Concipiet (Morales) - 4pt, very appropriate for the season AND feast!
    Dixit Maria (Hassler)
    Any version of Ave Maris Stella (chant or polyphony)
    Ave Verum Corpus is nice for communion, on such an occasion (chant, or Byrd, or Elgar w/organ)
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  • CHGiffenCHGiffen
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    Ave Maria for SATB voices, very singable, by yours truly.
  • mahrt
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    Jean Mouton's Ave Maria has a unique sound, created by a canon by inversion between bass and alto, a true wonder. Its original text is a variant on our customary prayer, but on the Choral Public Domain web site, there are several versions, most of which give our customary text. This is a favorite of my choir.
  • What's the, ahem, choral palate you have at your disposal?
  • Liam
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    Yes, important to have a sense of if whether one might support five voices, for example, common to Byrd's Magnificats. I am of the strong opinion that a choir can never have too many Magnificats in its repertoire quiver, as they are not only apropos for specifically Marian feasts and devotions, but also perfectly apropos for the Eucharistic divine liturgy at Communion and any time Christians are invited to praise God for Providential favors.
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  • If you don't have much to work with, there's a nice Perosi unison Tota Pulchra Es on IMSLP.
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  • Here is the Lassus 2 voice Tota Pulchra (I typically interpose a psalm verse before repeating it). By request...

    I should also have mentioned another by Balthasar-Florence that is quite lovely (also attached).
  • Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. I am usually able to get 2 on a part with some pretty solid singers. We can do moderately difficult music. I'm very grateful to have such a dedicated bunch of people.
  • JulieCollJulieColl
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    Ne timeas, Maria (Victoria)
    Ave Maria (Johann Joseph Fux)

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  • OH that 2v Lassus Tota Pulchra Es !
    I haven't sung that in decades - thanks for the reminder!
    (Incard - what psalm are you using, and in what tone?)
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  • :) Yes, it is very nice (as is the B-F).

    For the psalm, there are lots of options. Today, I would likely select one of the psalms from the Vespers - maybe Laudate Pueri on p. 152 of the Liber... Either 8G or 8C would have things to be said in their favor - I would likely go with 8C.

    The advantage... the lower voice ends on the SOL, which is the starting pitch of the incipit of the psalm tone (so I would have the lower voices sing the verse[s]), and 8C would end on the DO which is the starting pitch for the upper voice on the repeat of the piece. Having just sung the psalm verse, the lower voice will be prepared to re-enter on their SOL.
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  • another by Balthasar-Florence that is quite lovely

    I was practicing this piece in our local cathedral one day when one of the elderly canons came in to tell me to keep down the racket. As soon as he heard this piece, he began to reminisce about how he used to sing this piece as a choir boy growing up in Ohio. (This is the same canon who gave me a copy of the Gregory Peck film Keys to the Kingdom back when I was writing a screenplay about the Boxer Rebellion. A profoundly holy man in the simplest of ways.)
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    Any of the above, of course, but I'm a HUGE fan of Ne Timeas Maria by Victoria. It's a little tough for amateurs but my choir is 85% non readers and they know it pretty well. T

    You can find a score here...
    There are also rehearsal MIDI's in the folder there.

    And here's a great recording,