Hauptwerk question
  • Can anyone recommend a hauptwerk organ (we already have saint anne) that has a good number of "basic" stops?

    By basic, I mean 8 foot — nothing crazy, like the ones that are really really loud or really really soft

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    another question: is it possible to make "soft" stops sound louder on Hauptwerk? Looked in the user's manual, but it is 400 pages long!
  • If you have the Advanced version, you can adjust voicing for entire ranks, or even individual pipes, which includes volume. But in the basic version, no.

    If you're just looking for basics and good balance of volume, stick with smaller instruments. Personally, I'm into the French Romantic instruments, so the Milan Digital Audio "St. Eucaire" is a great option, providing plenty of solid 8' and 4' stops, with all of the character of a Cavaille-Coll instrument.

    I can also strongly recommend Piotr Grabowski's sample sets (which are free, though please do consider supporting him with a donation!): https://www.piotrgrabowski.pl/. He has sampled a variety of instruments, all of them very nicely done, and most of them are small-medium size specifications.
  • thank you; I will check these out!