Traditional Roman Hymnal
  • O Happy Day!!!! - I know what I want for Christmas!!!
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    As promised, the second edition is greatly improved. This new edition contains over 400 chants and hymns (50% more than the first edition), with the harmonizations brought into conformity with what is commonly in use. We have also made vast improvements to the organization of the materials.
    Sounds like a red flag!
  • Unfortunately, in the new book, all the harmonizations are in two parts, whereas previously in four.
    True there are many additional chants, but "Salve Festa Dies" is no longer included. (!)

    On the good side, the new version has included English translations for the Nuptial and funeral Masses, which will be helpful to visitors unfamiliar with the traditional Latin Rite.
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    The Pew Edition has treble clef 2-part harmonizations only, but the Choir Edition has 4-part harmonizations. Lots and lots of good stuff included, but individuals will doubtless find omissions they wish had been included.
  • Frankly, $44.95 USD strikes me as very expensive for a collection of hymns and chants that are nearly all in the public domain.
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  • I don't think they did a good job advertising that there was a 'choir edition' beyond a 'pew edition'. This is certainly the first I've known about it, and I bought the red hymnal months ago when it first came out. No one said a word about two editions.
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    $45?! Wow, that's 3x the price of a St Michael Hymnal or even Worship IV
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  • That's the choir/organ. The pew edition is cheaper, although not much.
  • Thanks for alerting me to the choir book.
    I've got the pew ed. There are only 1 or 2 hymns which are incompetently edited, as opposed to most of the 1st edition. To me, as a cradle Lutheran, losing 4 parts in the pews is a big deal.
  • mmeladirectress, they JUST came out with the 4-part choir edition 3 weeks ago. I am sooo ecstatic that it's finally available!
    We plan to get them in the new year. For the pew edition, it's 70% off the cover price if you order 200 or more (which is about what we need), so that makes them WAY cheaper.
    And we can get a good 40% or more discount on the choir edition as well, depending how many we will be ordering.
    I cannot say enough how much I LOVE this hymnal for our FSSP parish. Especially since we sing most Sundays all music a Capella.

    I'm so excited that we can finally order them now, since they have the choir edition available, FINALLY!