Urbs Jerusalem beata
  • Here is a pairing of the text of Urbs Jerusalem, as it is given in the Liber Hymnarius, with the beautiful and perhaps more familiar mode 2 melody. Most fitting of course for the feast of the Dedication coming up Nov 9th, but also appropriate for the current liturgical season generally, with its focus on the Four Last Things.
  • Many thanks for posting this!
    This is a beautiful melody and a profound hymn.
    If anyone desires an English version it (Sarum version) may be found at no. 383 in The Hymnal 1940 as 'Blessed City, Heav'nly Salem'.
    A year should not go by without singing this thrilling hymn.
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    See this thread, which has the English text to the same Mode II tune, as well as other discussion.
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    I prefer the Dominican version of that melody...image
  • This Dominican version -
    It hath, indeed, a noble grace about it.
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    I agree the Dominican melody is superior.
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