Our Choir's New "Logo"
  • One of my choir's altos (and a fledgling Hildegard scholar in her own right) was kind enough to design the following logo for our choir, to be used on programs, advertisements, headings, etc. So for those of you who say that Everyone's Favorite Incorrigible Blacksmith doesn't get enough respect around here - here you go!

    [EDIT: This also gives our members a chance to wear memorabilia dedicated to a Local Football Team without any fear of indifference to religious matters, since same said clothing features the horseshoe prominently. Those who ask will be informed that our choir is part of the Confraternity of Our Lady of The Snows, or C.O.L.T.S. for short. Lucky coincidence? We don't believe in Luck. At least - that kind.]
  • CharlesW
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    Nice! If I did a logo for my choir, it would be a cane or a walking stick.
  • ryandryand
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    St Dunstan is my confirmation saint and this logo makes me happy.

    But I must ask (in purple) if the font is reflective of some sort of erratic or unpredictable nature of the schola.
  • Oh, ryand. If you only knew.
  • CCoozeCCooze
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    The "d" in Dunstan is a bit hard to read as a "D."
  • Yeah, I might have that changed, as it reads as lower case anyhow.
  • JesJes
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    @CharlesW if I did a logo for my choir it would involve a Zimmer frame. (Is that what you guys call them yeah?)
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  • CharlesW
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    Had to look that one up, Jes. They are just called walkers here.
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  • Blaise
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    **Gulp** (not in purple).
  • Stimson - where is your logo used?
  • Madame - We're going to use it in the posters advertising upcoming masses of our community. As well as placing ads in the local diocesan paper.

    Blaise - what means this arcane onomatopoeia?
  • Stimson: good ideas! thanks
  • UPDATED: My friend has updated the uppercase "D". A commendable effort, knowing how hard it is to write said letter in cursive of any style. (I have no idea how that great artist Walt Gisney ever did it.)