Proposed Office Hymn for St. Paul VI
  • O Gaudium et Spes nostra,
    Et Dei Verbum ad gentes,
    Nos dignitatis humanae,
    Doce in nostra aetate.

    Optatam totius mundi,
    Praesta beatitudinem;
    Perfectae caritatisque
    Sis Jesu lumen gentium.

    Presbyterorum Ordinis
    Perfice apostolicam
    Actuositatem veram,
    Tua inter mirifica.

    Fiat Matri Unitatis
    Redintegratio tota:
    Ecclesiae ora sanctorum
    Sacrosanctum Concilium.

    Et Orientialium
    Ecclesiarum memini
    Rogamus Deum et Patrem,
    Ut conditas redintegret.

    Instaura et Gravissimum
    Educationis robur,
    Ne haec perdant documenta,
    Hodierni concilii.

    Laudetur Christus Dominus,
    Cum Patre et Cum Spiritu,
    In annis sexagesimis,
    Sicut in omni tempore. Amen.

    Sean Connolly (c) 2012
    All rights reserved. Not sure why you'd want them, tho.
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    Here’s Google Translate of same, because it’ll be another 50 before it’s in the English LOTH.

    Oh, joy and hope,
    And the word of God to the nations
    We human dignity;
    Tell me, in our age.

    Training for the world;
    Let happiness;
    perfect charity
    Please Jesus, the light of mankind.

    do apostolate
    Can operate in a true,
    Each is wonderful.

    Let Mother Unit
    All renewal;
    Church mouths

    the Orientialium
    Churches remember
    We ask God and Father,
    In order to restore stored.

    Make up the worst
    Education sap
    Do not lose these documents,
    Today's meeting.

    Let Christ the Lord;
    With the Father and the Spirit
    In recent years, the sixtieth
    As with every other time. Amen.
  • Yes, but then the punch line is translated away... with so many hymn translations into English that we really use.
  • The translation is not unlike certain translations of English into Chinese (and back into English).
    I've seen a very humourous book of them at Houston's Museum of Fine Arts' bookshop.
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    The important book "Several Complex Variables" by Bochner & Martin (1948, Princeton Math. Series) was translated into Chinese, and then an English translation from the Chinese appeared for awhile under the title "Many Complicated Changeables" which was a humorous disaster, of course.
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  • This might be most appropriate:
  • Reminds me of a story I once heard (whether actually true or not I can't say):
    When a branch of the Anglican Communion was established somewhere in Asia, it had to be renamed because "Protestant Episcopal Church" was indistinguishable in the local language from "Assembly of Arguing Bishops"!
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  • Mad -
    That is a true story -
    about the establishment of the Episcopal church in Japan, which was given the name, 'the Holy Catholic Church in Japan' because, as you say, 'Protestant Episcopal Church' came out 'Church of the Quarreling Bishops' in Japanese. Interesting that you have heard this. I haven't encountered it in a very long time and thought that only certain sorts of Episcopalians knew of it.
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  • Who is getting the commission for the tune? Haas? Haugen? Lori True?
    I can think of no finer way to honor the saint's legacy.
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    Who is getting the commission for the tune? Haas? Haugen? Lori True?
    I can think of no finer way to honor the saint's legacy.

    He, he, he, he :-) The Vatican saint factory strikes again.
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    (The Cistercian hymn Bernardus doctor inclytus is less extreme with quotations of document hymn titles, but only slightly less annoying.)
  • Considering Hass and Haugen have nothing to do with him, I can't see how that would be an honor, either seriously or sarcastically. Papa Montini is blamed for much that he had nothing to do with (as well not blamed for much HE DID), and that sort of hideous noise is an example. His only true directives regarding liturgical music are Sacrificium Laudis (1966) and Jubilate Deo (1974), both of which the late, sainted Pope's detractors and apologists alike often have not read, and are frequently shocked and surprised when they do. That's not likely the case among readers here, but, y'know... these documents do not call for what we've had to endure these past 40-odd years.

    Gaudete in Domino Semper!
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    I think he talked a good show, but didn't deliver. He may have been a saintly man, but was a bit vacillating and a weak leader. However, some others have done no better.
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    Pope St Paul VI, pray for us.
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    @ igneus There are plenty of Hymns that quote Hymn titles as the last line of a verse...

    As for Paul VI, where is the cult? Where are the people praying to him or even for him? Have Propers been composed and have chants been written?
  • igneusigneus
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    As for Paul VI, where is the cult?

    At the Holy See, as has been the case with most canonizations of popes for the last 1500 years or so.

    Have Propers been composed and have chants been written?

    No need to provide propers for mere memorials.
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    Good article. I think, and ymmv, the "saint making" process has spiraled out of control. Prior to current regulations, it was a more rigorous process and has become almost too easy. There does seem an attempt to canonize Vatican II and those connected with it. So what is Paul's legacy? Declining numbers, fuzzy doctrine - at least in application, and a loss of faith greater than that caused by Luther. I don't dispute that he may have been personally holy, but he seemed ineffective even at the time. How this will all play out is anybody's guess.

    Was it La Salette that predicted two worm-ridden popes? I think it was. However, it is also possible to have popes that are semi-wormy.

    As for Paul VI, where is the cult?

    I don't see it either.
  • Make up the worst
    Education sap
    Do not lose these documents,
    Today's meeting.

    Comedy gold, this.
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    I think the reference to annis sexagesimis is particularly sly given the removal of Sexagesima Sunday from the calendar. This hymn is part of the propers (for the office) but we will pretty well have to sing it in Latin to understand all the references to the titles of various Vatican II documents.
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