Recordings for the Christmas Proclamation in Misal Romano
  • Hi, now that we have the new Misal Romano out, could we have the good folks at MusicaSacra, or CC Watershed, or RJ Cecelia do a recording for the Christmas Proclamation? I'm not sure if it's exactly the same as the previous one that was being used in the Mexican Misal, but either way, it would be good to have one for my musicians who learn mostly by ear.

    The USCCB and Zipoli institute have not released them yet. Many thanks in advance!
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    The English edition of the Missal has the Proclamation with music at p. 1450; is it in the Spanish version also? I don't have a copy yet: the "study edition" is supposedly coming in February.
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  • Since you asked... for most of the music in the Misal, if it was directly from the Mexican Misal, I would just have a photocopy of that page to work from, but for this piece, I had a handwritten score, so I presume they are not the same.

    If someone who doesn't have a copy of the Misal wants to make a recording of this, please PM me your email, and I can send you a PDF of the chant.

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  • Thank you everyone. I have the new Misal Romano, just looking for a recording as most of my Spanish musicians do not read music and like the youtube clips or mp3's to listen to aurally.
  • If you send me a personal message, we could coordinate the details necessary for me to make a recording for you. I could do it on Wednesday of this week, if you'd like me to.
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