The English Motets site . . . ready at last!
  • Heath
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    Dear CMAA friends,

    This project, years in the making, is finally ready to go!

    Take a gander here:

    A few items:

    --I would be thrilled if you were to sign up for the email list at the bottom of the homepage, even if you're not sure you want to subscribe to the site; I'll only send about one email per month with announcements, new additions to the site and maybe the occasional free motet!

    --A subscription to the site (I think you'll find the prices very reasonable!) grants you LIFETIME access for only ONE payment. I hope that churches will find this a good use of financial resources for their music budget!

    --In case you're new to this forum (the veterans are probably tired of me talking about this :), for several years I've re-set polyphonic works in Latin with singing English translations. I've released a few printed collections (search my name on but I decided that a website may be a better outlet for my work at this point. All the motets from "Bread From Heaven" and "English Motets for the Church Year" are included here; my Lassus collection, "Everlasting Joy in You", will be added sometime in 2019.

    In a similar vein as the various English chant projects we've been blessed with in the past few years, my hope is to combine the transcendence of the polyphonic masters with an accessibility for our congregations that the vernacular can provide.

    (NB I'm *not* trying to raise the hackles of the Latin-only crowd! I love me a good TLM, I swear!)

    --Do let me know how this venture can be improved! I'm hoping to do my part to add to the resources we can use to beautify the liturgy in our churches!

    --Finally, please spread the word to any colleagues you feel may benefit from what the site has to offer!

    Heath Morber
  • CharlesW
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    Nice. How much? Didn't see that anywhere.
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  • Heath
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    Charles, did I bury the lede? : )

    From the site:

    Individual: $30
    Small church (1-2 services): $40
    Medium church (3-4 services): $60
    Large church (5-6 services): $80
    Schools: $50

    Again, you pay it only ONCE!
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  • Heath
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    Here are the pieces currently on the site:


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  • This will be ordered first thing in morning. The price is very reasonable and it will be useful with a small ensemble I am forming for interested singers in my choir.
  • Heath
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    cesarfranck, good to hear, thanks!
  • Heath
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    Free motet when you join the email list! Also, I'll plan on adding a free motet to my monthly newsletter.

    I say this now because the first newsletter will be coming out in the next 24 hours! You can subscribe to the email list at the bottom of the home page.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!
  • Heath
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    Here's the newsletter, including a FREE motet, previews of what's new and a Christ the King recording:

  • Heath
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    Latest newsletter (and full archives!) here:

    Easy to join the mailing list there, as well!
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