Editing a Gregorio score in Illustrator
  • I'm thinking of taking up chant engraving again with Gregorio. I used to edit the pdfs created by Gregorio in Adobe Illustrator to make small changes that couldn't be done in gabc. All neumes appeared as editable objects in these pdfs a few years back, and making edits was simple and straightforward.

    Now, all neumes appear as glyphs (see image), which makes it impossible to make any edits at all. Installing the fonts associated with Gregorio doesn't help much.

    Does anyone have experience with editing Gregorio scores in Illustrator or knows of a workaround?
  • GerardH
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    I have used Inkscape (basically a freeware ripoff of Illustrator) to edit gregorio scores. I think you'll find the issues you're having depend on your import settings.

    FWIW, on Inkscape the import must be set to "Poppler/Cairo Import" rather than the default "Internal import". Examples outputs attached.
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  • You'll need to install the TTF fonts from Gregorio into your system

    I tried this on a recently generated pdf, and it worked (with the latest Illustrator CS 2019)