Thank you for singing with us...
  • Our director of choirs, a very nice person, when he is personally directing a choir, is fond of closing with, "Thank you for singing with us this morning, our recessional hymn is _____."

    I cringe when I hear this. It seems he's missing the point but I can't put my finger on it. Why should they be thanked? Are the singing to "sing with US--the choir"? Does it seem right, or is it no big deal? I was in another situation where a member of our choir, before announcing the opening hymn, would say something preachy, and I thought it was out of place and an embarrassment to the choir. I went to the pastor with concern and he replied with "Don't sweat the small stuff."

    So, maybe this is just small stuff, but it doesn't seem right.
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    It may be small in the grand scheme of things, but it's certainly tacky and overly-focused on the horizontal, rather than the vertical aspect of worship.
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  • My guess is that he is trying to invite people to sing along (active participation) and that he might get better results thanking them that telling them. Just a guess as one who, from the loft, sometimes wonder what to say so the congregation joins in singing. A guess...
  • It's a seriously misplaced kind of clericalism: we're inviting you to..... cooperate with us in lowering the standard to (whatever level).

    Remember that clericalism isn't denying women the right to be ordained, but insisting that only if the priest does less and the laymen do more is there really equality in the church. Inviting teenagers to do what they're supposed to do anyway is usually patronizing. Thanking congregations for singing with (whomever) 1) assumes they did; and 2) assumes that what was sung was worth singing.
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    Pretty small, compared to "Thank you for singing with us, our processional..."
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    Good morning and welcome to holy family church, spa, and deli. Let us rise to greet our celebrant while singing....

    Well, it kind of sounded like that when I visited that particular parish.
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    Lately I have been enduring
    "The Mass is ended go in peace .. Thanks be to God."
    "Thanks for coming .. You are welcome father."
    but this morning the crowd response was talked over by my
    "Our final hymn NNN Name NNN"
    and meanwhile a thirty-something guy in the nearest pew muttered
    "It is not about us".
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    If people are carrying out their part of the liturgy decently, they end up with the sense that they have participated in something sacred: an encounter with God. So after that, if some guy addresses you and says, thanks for singing along with us -- well, he's taking on an importance that isn't really suitable.
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  • This is not a 'small stuff'. It betrays a gross misunderstanding of why we sing what we sing - and just what it is that we are in church for. It betrays a piteous lack of catechesis on the part of whoever is in charge of catechesis in this parish - namely, the pastor. For him to call it 'small stuff' betrays that he either didn't learn or wasn't taught (or both) in seminary why we sing and what we sing - or, that he just really could not care less.
  • Jackson,

    Perhaps in his seminary he was learning about the evils of Climate Change? Except, that, if he were, he would know not to increase (needlessly) the volume of hot air?
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    Perhaps he considers it a fault, but one that can be tolerated for now, for the sake of not harming a bruised reed.
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  • Chonak,

    Indeed it's possible. Might he be attempting a policy of accompaniment?
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    Accompaniment by bruised reeds:
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    One celebrant I knew would begin Mass with, "Good morning, and thank you for coming to Mass today." I always thought, "Why are you thanking us? We're not here to do you a favor." This kind of remark is similar, in that it smacks of clericalism: rather than having the idea that all present are liturgical servants with various roles, it sets up a false division of power. A member of the congregation could just as easily thank the servers for showing up out loud, and it should be no more intrusive on the liturgy. Somehow it's OK when a celebrant or liturgical minister does it.
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  • That reminds of our priests after we respond, "...and with your spirit..." responds to us with a quick, "thank you."
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    Speaking of bruised reeds ...

    ... just sayin'.