Requiem Mass - Planning Documents
  • Does anyone know of a Document/Form/Guide that I can complete to give direction/wishes for a Usus Antiquior Requiem Mass. Nothing urged just doing some planning. I understand what is prepared will need to be discussed with Family and Priest. Just want to make sure I have it planned. Any help appreciated.

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    While this is for England and Wales this may have all the information you need,

    I would also recommend that your executors (or your Will) know your wishes and are willing to enforce them! Of course with the EF you can have all sorts of Requiem Masses without the body being present. Mass on first hearing the news, Mass on the 3rd, 7th and 30th day after death OR burial, and of course and Anniversary Mass each year on day of death or burial. We have had sung Requiems in our Parish at the same time as a Requiem burial Mass was occurring in another church. You could stipulate in your Will for Mass offerings to say Anniversary Masses to be handed to a priest.
  • Thank you for asking the question. I've typically had a form for weddings, but funerals "just happen". This is a good idea that could facilitate the process and allow some input from into the process (something I know others have discussed on the forum in other topics).

    Don't know if this is helpful or not, but I've adapted this from my wedding template to do something similar in terms of gathering information about a funeral. I've included a pdf in case my version of Word is not compatible with yours, and the Word document in case you would like to tweak further. It is very basic, but I think it might meet what you are looking for, at least in terms of giving direction to the choir.
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