revisiting Polyphony Down the Pub

  • All,

    it has been a year or so since this was brought up

    since that time, has anyone started a similar group or attended any similar events in the US?
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  • Thank you. I'd forgotten what the name of this was. I'm getting the ball rolling on this thing now for January.
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  • How fun!
  • forgot to add

    and the Five Rules of Polyphony Down the Pub (and its spinoff, Counterpint)

    1. Arrive when you want to
    2. Leave when you want to
    3. Sing or don’t sing
    4. Drink
    5. Avoid parallel fifths & octaves
  • francisfrancis
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    In my version I would say, “sing as many parallels fifths and parallel octaves as you want. We are in the pub. But what you sing in the pub, STAYS in the pub.”

  • I am looking forward to Stimson's notes after his event!
  • CHGiffenCHGiffen
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    I should think one might find several parallel fifths in a pub ... Black Jack Daniels, Stolichnaya, Johnny Walker Red, Glenfidditch, Wild Turkey, Virginia Gentleman, etc.
  • And, Chuck. there might likely be some Episcopalians at that pub -
    it has been said that wherever there are four Episcopalians there is a fifth.
  • Carol
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    This reminds me of a party I was invited to at the Methodist minister's home which was in my neighborhood. They invited a bunch of good musicians (and us) and passed out music and we all sight read- singing just for the fun of it. It wasn't all hymns, in fact, we sang some PDQ Bach as I recall. Being Methodists there were no adult beverages, just a lot of fun.
  • I have been told that 'Baptist tea' is a special 'spirited' drink surreptitiously served up to certain Baptists who request it.

    One of my oldest friends, a one-time Baptist-turned-Episcopalian-priest-become-Catholic-priest told how his Baptist mother, having cautiously tasted a tiny sip of his wine, would then ask him to bring a bottle of wine for her - but not to let anyone see him purchase it or bring it into the house.
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  • My father, a one-time lay pastor, once told me: "Son, Methodists don't drink in front of each other. Now turn around."
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  • Stimson,

    "Lay pastor"..... oxymoronic, no?
  • chonakchonak
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    Well, some Christians don't believe in the sacrament of ordination, and they emphasize that the minister is a layman. (And he is.)
  • a_f_hawkins
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    CGZ - accepted nomenclature for Methodists
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  • Topic for a forum other than this one, perhaps, but Christians who don't believe in the sacrament of ordination aren't Christians by belief, even if they have received Baptism.
  • chonakchonak
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    Yep; it's a heresy, but maybe we should stick to the subject of Polyphony Down the Pub.
  • So....
    Does anyone near me already do this? I'm in the heart of Silicon Valley, and dying for some really good polyphonic singers to join in the singing of polyphony.
  • Richard MixRichard Mix
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    Near Berkeley besides myself there's User:Vaarky. You are vegan, aren't you?
  • Hmm. Berkeley's quite a haul from here, but thanks for the tip.
  • You are vegan, aren't you?

    We've actually thought of starting a group at the local Newman Center: Vegans for Vigano. Devoted to providing shelter for all of God's creatures - except wicked bishops. Our protest chant is "Don't eat meat 'til Wuerl/Cupich/Tobin/Francis beats feet!"
  • So - an update. I'm flying the plan for the Polyphony down the Pub past one of my bartender friends (I have a disconcertingly large pool to choose from) at his family bar and they're all for it. So far.

    But THEN I discover a newish microbrewery in town is featuring an event the last Sunday of every month called "Beer & Hymns". So I'm going to check that out next time and see how that compares to the English model. So, two more excuses to drink. Good times.
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  • Another update - I've spoken with my good friend who is one of the proprietors of the best pub in town - he's reserved a spot at his bar for the first Wednesdays of every month, beginning in the New Year, for Polyphony Down the Pub. Now to start advertising. Wish us luck!
  • Maybe you could share a copy of the ad, in case CMAA people within singing distance might like to stop in for a brew :-)
  • >> I've spoken with my good friend who is one of the proprietors of the best pub in town - he's reserved a spot at his bar for the first Wednesdays of every month, beginning in the New Year, for Polyphony Down the Pub.

    all right! At this moment you're all having a grand time.
    Looking for a review soon!! :-)
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