US SSPX Chapels with Pipe Organs?
  • Do any SSPX chapels in the United States have pipe organs? The ones I'm familiar with have digital instruments or keyboards, which is not the case in Europe.
  • Our Lady Immaculate in Oak Park has a Pipe Organ. Composer Kevin Allen is their music director.
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  • I believe St. Vincent's in Kansas City has a 70-year-old pipe organ. Scott Foppiano used to be organist there, but since he left I believe the pipes have fallen silent since Megan O., the current choir director, has extensive choral expertise but no background in keyboard.

    Our chapel is graduating from our current Hammond Antique to a State-of-the-Art Hammond. Much (reserved) rejoicing here, let me tell you.
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  • They were actually one of the "chapels" I had in mind after a friend sent me this video:
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    I wish they all had pipes.
    Can't pipes be added to electric organs?
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    What's a "State-of-the-Art Hammond" ???
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    I didn't think they made Hammonds any more. The last ones I saw were built by Suzuki, I think.
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    Hammond’s Praise and Worship Organ – Model A-405 Hammond proudly introduces the innovative A-405 Chapel Console Organ. From Gospel to Contemporary styles of Church music, this versatile organ can fill all of your musical needs. Hammond USA
    Ah! Who was it who said of a fim star rival 'She ran the whole gamut of emotion from A to B'?
    Also note that these instruments are simulacra (my emphases)
    Hammond digital technology using 96 digital tone wheels duplicates the exact drawbar sounds of its classic predecessors.
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    A simulacra of simulacra?
  • Digital simulacra of analog simulacra ;)
  • I'm glad to see everyone calling a spade a spade, um, that is, a simulacrum a simulacrum.
    Be careful, however, to distinguish whether one is referencing one simulacrum or multiple simulacra.
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  • It's just a newer simulacrum. Sarcasm, people. Trust me, if there were a way to set my text so the default is purple, I'd use it.
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    Is it actually a Hammond, or an Allen/Rodgers of some type? I have only seen a Hammond in a Catholic church one time, and it wasn't used...thank goodness LOL
  • I'll take a look next time I'm there - it's a donation from one of the musically savvy families in our chapel.
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    Maybe it has MIDI and can drive Hauptwerk?
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