Jesu, salvator saeculi translation
  • davido
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    I have found three translations of this hymn for All Saints day: "O Savior Jesu, not alone" by Lacy in The English Hymnal, and "O Jesus, Savior of the world" by St. Cecilia's Abbey. The third is Edward Caswall's "Giver of Life, eternal Lord" which is 86.86., while the original Latin and the other two translations are 88.88

    Does anyone know of any other translations, preferably in Long Meter?
  • a_f_hawkins
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    There's this.
    Jesu, the world’s redeeming Lord, by William J Copeland
  • tomjaw
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    Britt, found 8 translations, some will be of the reformed text 'Salutis aeternae dator' Connelly has another translation.