Mass recommendation in Assisi
  • Heath
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    Friends, my wife and I will in Italy soon (woo-hoo!) and will need to attend a Vigil Mass in Assisi . . . any recs where I can get a lovely liturgy? English/Latin is preferred, but my Italian isn't bad. : )
  • Don't know yet but I'll be in Assisi for three days later in October myself. I'm hoping to attend Mass each day but I'm having a hard time finding advance information, so expect I will work it out when I get there.
  • chonakchonak
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    There's an Oratory of St. Philip Neri about half an hour away in Perugia; among other things, they offer EF Masses on Saturday evenings in a couple of locations:
    (Apparently Assisi authorities are particularly unfriendly to the EF, according to Messa in latino.)

    I wasn't able to find a full schedule for their church, except on this tourist info page, and who knows how current it is?
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