St. Anne Church San Diego to Benedict XVI Institute
  • Greetings, Sacred Music Colleagues!

    Its been a while since I've been on the forum. I'd like to ask for prayers as I begin a new chapter in the field of sacred music. I had been the Music Director at St. Anne Church in San Diego (FSSP) since 2009, and I am now working with the Benedict XVI Institute in San Francisco. My duties so far include chant camps, workshops, and training teachers. The Institute was founded by Archbishop Cordileone.

    Currently there is an interim director at St. Anne's in San Diego. I'd like to publicly thank the families and choir members of St. Anne, who inspired me with their hard work and devotion. There had been two sung masses every Sunday, as well as a sung mass on major feasts. The main choir had been very proficient in chant and quite good with polyphony, as well as a delightful and quite capable youth choir. Please pray for the good people in these choirs!

    Please email me with any questions at
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    Congratulations on the new duties!
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  • Congratulations!