Beautiful music from Good Shepherd Catholic Church in the Twin Cities, MN
  • CHGiffenCHGiffen
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    Rihards Dubra – Lūgšana (Prayer)
    Good Shepherd Choir
    Cristiano Rizzotto, Director
    Golden Valley, MN
  • pfreese
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    Good Shepherd is a neighboring parish of mine. Their sacred music program is astounding considering the parish’s size and limited resources. They’re fortunate to enjoy a lot of support and direction from their pastor, who coincidentally is also the assistant director of worship for the Archdiocese.

    Side note: the beautiful church that they’re using in the video isn’t Good Shepherd, but Holy Cross Church in nearby Minneapolis. Their own sanctuary back in Golden Valley though isn’t bad for a 50s suburban church (which comes with a nice little KC Marrin tracker organ).
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