• We have a 50th reunion Mass coming up and I was requested to play some of the hymns from the original graduation as prelude music. I was wondering if anyone has the music to "O Holy Lord, By All Adored" and/or "Of My Hands". It looks like they may have been from the original CBW. Thanks!
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    "Of My Hands" by Ray Repp, was published by F.E.L. Publications, in their "Hymnal for Young Christians"; that is a rare book, so copies of the CBW will be easier to find.
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    WOW! I saw the title "Of My Hands," but I didn't connect it to that Ray Repp song. It is a minor keyed ditty, if my memory serves me. I found a few Youtube references on Google, but frankly, I would question the value of resurrecting this folk hymn. My husband and I have a song of Ray Repp's called "We Are Grateful" (which is based on the tune "Omni Dei") in our repertoire for secular folk concerts. This was sung at Mass a few times in our parish, but we would never sing it in Mass because it has no mention of God in the lyrics!

  • I have a copy of CBW I but it's only melody & guitar chords only (so much for "Complete Edition")
  • The tune is called Mit Freuden Zart, I think.
    A setting attached, hope that helps. Worth looking at hymnary.org for other slightly different rhythms.
  • Thanks everyone
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    I have an original CBW too if you need it and nobody else can provide what's inside.