• There seems to be a surge in churches being built in Oregon!

    OR, Catholic media...does it lie or mislead on purpose?


    Portland, Ore., Sep 6, 2018 / 03:15 am (CNA/EWTN News).- In the Archdiocese of Portland, Oregon, the growth in the Catholic Church has been so great that six new churches have been dedicated since 2013.

    “On Saturday was our sixth new church dedication in the five-and-a-half years since the archbishop’s been here,” said Portland Auxiliary Bishop Peter Smith.

    “It’s just very interesting because most bishops in their lifetime probably only do one or two of them. Between us we’ve done six,” he told CNA.

    The six churches have either been heavily renovated or newly built. The most recent was Saint Anne’s Catholic Church in Grants Pass, which was dedicated September 1.
  • I've heard good things about ABp Sample. His involvement in the Sacred Liturgy Conferences in the past several years (including celebrating pontifical High Masses during the conferences) indicate good things about him as an individual...

    Strong conservative bishop could explain some things. Check out the conference website:
  • This is great news. But let’s not forget that this growth likely has much more to do with Portland being one of the fastest growing population centers in the U.S. (which brings more Catholics into your diocese anyway) than the ideology of any particular diocesan bishop. Speaking of, I’m still waiting for Sample to actually put his liturgical vision to work at OCP...
  • Yes. We are waiting. Waiting... waiting. I don't hold my breath waiting for him to come out with a great announcement to all the clergy and parishes, like: "The Mass is to be chanted in this diocese. That is the norm. And I encourage you to chant the Ordinaries and the Propers at all Masses." Sample once admitted on Voice of the Shepherd on Mater Dei radio that he knows absolutely nothing about music. I almost think that it would take a bishop who knew about music, and who was aware of how afflicted people are by OCP, and how they long for the missing parts of the Mass, i.e. the Propers, to finally correct OCP.

    I see that OCP has now come out with a collection of Psalms and Gospel Acclamations in "contemporary" style. Ugh! "Contemporary" style to me sounds like a crooner with a backup band or orchestra most of the time. Sometimes they have a little choral sound involved. It does not sound like Catholic music. It does not sound like "chant". It does not sound appropriate for the holy Mass. Is this what is meant by "chanting the Propers"? Sample is all for giving the Mass a Catholic "feel", supposedly. I have yet to see real evidence of this in the Ordinary Form of the Mass. Doesn't he care about the Ordinary Form?
  • Ummm...this is posted under amusements. Or this this fake news?

    The article says six new churches have been dedicated.

    Which sure sounds like there are 6 new churches.

    But there are not, if you read the second to last sentence. There are not six NEW churches. It appears they include dedicating OLD churches as NEW churches by renovating them.

    Just like Wendy's and Arbys.

    And remember, OCP pays a lot of bills at the diocese.
  • Sample is all for giving the Mass a Catholic "feel", supposedly. I have yet to see real evidence of this in the Ordinary Form of the Mass. Doesn't he care about the Ordinary Form?

    I have totally lost rejained the ability to post a link. Click to see Jeffrey Tucker's 2013 comment:


    Thank you,Chonak!
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